• Say SAIL AWAY! (pirate boy)
    Say SAIL AWAY! (pirate boy)

    Pirate Say SAIL AWAY! has travelled the world.
    He loves to tell endless stories about his dangerous adventures.
    But now he prefers to stay close to Say AHOY LOVELY!
    But a true pirates heart is with the open water.

    € 7,95
  • Say AHOY LOVELY! (pirate girl)
    Say AHOY LOVELY! (pirate girl)

    Say AHOY LOVELY! is the toughest pirate girl
    of the seven seas with a heart of gold.
    She loves adventure, wants to explore the world
    and likes to meet new people
    Will Say SAIL AWAY! become her best friend?

    € 7,95
  • Say SWIM! (mermaid)
    Say SWIM! (mermaid)

    Mermaid Say SWIM! swimming all day,
    elegant and fast, doing amazing acrobatics.
    On a sunny day she warms herself on the rocks.
    She is gorgeous and cute, everybody loves her.

    € 7,95
  • Say HI! (shark)
    Say HI! (shark)

    Say HI! is a jolly shark.
    While swimming, he greets everybody by saying: ’Haai!’.
    He thinks that’s very funny…
    He loves to show his teeth.
    Always brushed and sparkling clean!(note: 'haai' is Dutch for 'shark').

    € 7,95
  • Say FIRE! (dragon)
    Say FIRE! (dragon)

    Dragon Say FIRE! flies through the sky non stop.
    At speed and doing tricks.
    He can’t get enough of it.
    His fireworks are the best.
    Even when he lights up the fireplace at the queen's castle.

    € 7,95
  • Say BRAVE! (knight)
    Say BRAVE! (knight)

    Say BRAVE! is brave and passionate.
    He protects his loved ones with his life.
    And especially the life of Say CHIC!.
    But nobody is supposed to know that about this knight.

    € 7,95
  • Say LOVE! (unicorn)
    Say LOVE! (unicorn)

    Unicorn Say LOVE! sees everything through rose tinted glasses.
    The world is beautiful, everybody is happy and there is always a rainbow somewhere to be found.

    € 7,95
  • Say CHIC! (queen)
    Say CHIC! (queen)

    In Say CHIC!’s castle, everybody is welcome.
    Join the others at the fireplace for a fresh cup of tea.
    But mind your manners, because the queen loves to be chic.

    € 7,95


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